Cats, Breeds & Breeders Kalispell MT

Cats make great, loving pets and there are many different breeds to suit any lifestyle or personality. Look to animal shelters and rescue agencies or reputable, licensed cat breeders when deciding to purchase your first kitty.

Cat Breeders Kalispell MT

Purebred cat lovers generally choose a breed that is similar to their personality. A person who is reserved and introverted might choose a breed such as the somewhat aloof Scottish Fold or the American Curl. A person who is more outgoing and is looking for a dog-like cat might choose the Manx or the Birman. Check below for more information on cat breeds and breeders.

Cat Licensing & Tagging Kalispell MT

The old way of looking for a lost pet involved knocking on your neighbors' doors and putting posters up on phone poles. While these tactics can still be very useful, identification systems for animals have almost made them obsolete. Read below for more on cat licensing and tagging services.

Pet Photography Services Kalispell MT

Taking good photos of your pets takes planning and patience (and sometimes, if you’d like, professional assistance). Cats are notoriously difficult photo subjects. An action shot of a cat usually reveals nothing more than a blur, and a portrait can result in the infamous "laser eyes" phenomenon. Check below to find out more about pet photography services and options.

Pet Stores & Animal Shelters Kalispell MT

When picking out your next kitty or pooch, weigh your options carefully. Animal shelter pets are generally less expensive and come spayed or neutered with all their shots and vaccinations up to date (and possibly even micro-chipped); while pet stores offer variety and ease of purchase. Check below for more information on shelters and pet stores.