Cats, Breeds & Breeders Key West FL

Cats make great, loving pets and there are many different breeds to suit any lifestyle or personality. Look to animal shelters and rescue agencies or reputable, licensed cat breeders when deciding to purchase your first kitty.

Cat Adoption Key West FL

There are so many unwanted cats up for adoption, it can be overwhelming to choose one. When selecting a cat, you might consider size, temperament, shedding, and other criteria but the first issue to solve is how old you'd like the cat to be. Check below for more on cat adoption or pet adoption services.

Cat Fostering Key West FL

For many cat rescue groups, finding cat foster homes is an important part of the work they do. Sometimes these groups, which rescue cats and kittens from high-kill shelters, don't actually own a facility or shelter of their own. The foster home becomes an important stepping stone from the time the cat or kittens are rescued until they can be permanently placed for adoption. For more on cat fostering or adoption, please scroll below.

Pet Photography Services Key West FL

Taking good photos of your pets takes planning and patience (and sometimes, if you’d like, professional assistance). Cats are notoriously difficult photo subjects. An action shot of a cat usually reveals nothing more than a blur, and a portrait can result in the infamous "laser eyes" phenomenon. Check below to find out more about pet photography services and options.